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Find a group of people who are in pain (physical,

“Find a group of people who are in pain (physical, financial, mental – basically people who have a need of some description).

Spend time interacting with them, find out exactly what that need is, and then research the crap out of it.

Go away, create a product, system or solution that serves the need.

Sell it to them.

Hardly rocket science, hardly tricky, not sexy, and I can’t turn that into a course worth thousands, can I? But if you want a profitable business that has an impact, makes a difference and serves people – see those four points?

Go do that.

End of.


Figure out where you’re at right now. Take a look at aspects of your life (bank balance, the mirror and how you take care of yourself, relationships and friendships) and do an audit on yourself. You need to figure out where you’re at right now . Be brutally honest with yourself.

Make a plan to change those areas you aren’t happy with . Again you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and you’re going to have to give this time. For the truly brutal version, download an online form builder. Set replies to anonymous and send the link to friends, partner and work colleagues. Ask them to tell you what they really think of you and how you could improve.

A fast way to see how long you have left on this planet (and it’s nowhere near as long as you think). Grab some squared paper, or print similar off. Partition off a number of boxes. Use eighty-two as an example (average Brit life expectancy). Next, colour in as many boxes as your age. What isn’t coloured is how long you have left. Time goes faster than you think.

You need no one’s permission . Whatever it is, if you’re waiting for someone to tell you it’s OK for you to do something, fuck it and go and do it. Accept you have one roll of the dice called Life and I guarantee you’ll start to experience success in ways you never would have expected. Do not give a fuck about what others will think.


Find people who are in pain: people who have a need.

Interact with them and find out exactly what the need is.

Go and research it.

Create a product that serves the specific need.

Sell it to them.



Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.


Why do people baulk at the suggestion of investing in themselves and their skills, but are perfectly ready to smack down £10k+ on cars and material things?

It’s funny how we stop learning and making ourselves more and more valuable as soon as we hear that last bell ringing in the school hallways. But then we expect to have the same luxury life as the big, successful people of the world who, to be frank, are always investing in themselves to improve a skill, learn something new, or even get one nugget of info which will keep them progressing in their game.

In this chapter I want to share some of my insights on how you need to master your skills and identify your weaknesses to scale up your business pursuits.

No country was conquered by one person, it takes armies. So become the general and strategically recruit people to your mission. It’s the best and only way you’ll be able to scale up and become totally awesome.

Did you go to school? I am assuming you have experienced formal education to some degree. Whether you left in your teens, twenties or later, how much time, money and effort have you invested in your skills since you left the formal structure?

Put it this way. I did my A-levels in Double Maths, Physics and Design. I wanted to be an engineer. As you can see, I didn’t end up being one.

Then I wanted to be a personal trainer, so I spent my student loan on the relevant qualifications. Although I wasn’t the prettiest of the bunch (I didn’t walk around with a six-pack, tanned orange and squeezed into Lycra so tight that quite frankly you could see all my junk), I was a big, strong bearded lump, and I did pretty damn well.”

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